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Re: [EFM] Banana networks


I believe that you may be a bit confused.  The article that you reference 
is about the TDM facilities to buildings.  The "fat pipe" referred to are 
the "channels" in the TDM facilities which have been forced to be 
"unbundled" by federal regulations to allow competitors access to 
customers.  The channelization of TDM makes it possible for multiple 
service providers to cleanly provide services to customers over the same 
transmission facilities.  Without the federal regulations that force the 
incumbents to sell these "channels" as leased facilities to the competition 
at close to their operational costs, there would be no competition for 

This brings to light two issues.  Without a political will to force it upon 
them, facilities owners would impose monopolistic control of customers and 
the services that they receive.  The government can not force "unbundling" 
of technology that does not lend itself to that by providing 
"channelization" that will cleanly segregates the service providers.

The government is failing in its political will to prevent monopolistic 
practices and the technology developers are not supplying new technology 
that will support non-monopolistic deployments.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum

At 11:12 AM 12/16/2002 -0800, Geoff Thompson wrote:
>Wrong. This was the next step in a process that was first mentioned quite 
>some time ago, long before their executive cadre revealed their long term 
>bankruptcy business plan to the public. According to their flier (not in 
>front of me) it is part of the FCC plan to deregulate tariffs on a wider scale.
>See (10/15/02):
>Where it says: