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Re: [EFM] Banana networks

Excellent understanding, Roy.  Back to lurker status. 

Alan Levy

--- Roy Bynum <rabynum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Geoff,
> I believe that you may be a bit confused.  The
> article that you reference is about the TDM 
> facilities to buildings.  The "fat pipe" referred to

> are the "channels" in the TDM facilities which have 
> been forced to be "unbundled" by federal regulations

> to allow competitors access to customers.  The 
> channelization of TDM makes it possible for multiple

> service providers to cleanly provide services to
> customers over the same transmission facilities.  
> Without the federal regulations that force the 
> incumbents to sell these "channels" as leased
> facilities to the competition at close to their 
> operational costs, there would be no competition for

> customers.
> This brings to light two issues.  Without a
> political will to force it upon them, facilities 
> owners would impose monopolistic control of 
> customers and the services that they receive.  The 
> government can not force "unbundling" of technology 
> that does not lend itself to that by providing 
> "channelization" that will cleanly segregates the
> service providers.
> The government is failing in its political will to
> prevent monopolistic practices and the technology 
> developers are not supplying new technology 
> that will support non-monopolistic deployments.
> Thank you,
> Roy Bynum