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RE: [EFM] Re: [EFM-Copper] Long Reach Copper Presentations in Vancouver

Matt and All,
A manufacturer could certainly design a small chip that did both A/S to
accommodate the installed bases in existence.  Behrooz and Barry
have been working hard (like many), they deserve a chance to speak.
John Cioffi
At 10:11 PM 12/27/2002 -0500, Matt Squire wrote:
I'm clearly not the brightest person on the list because I'm very confused. Each person likely has one of four opinions
a) AnnexJ good, SHDSL bad
b) SHDSL good, AnnexJ bad
c) AnnexJ good, SHDSL good
d) AnnexJ bad, SHDSL bad

Its a pretty simple binary relationship on two variables.  In reality, the variables are independent, as one can like/dislike either technology on its own merits without regard to another technology. 

If your position is option (3) in the embedded notes (or option (c) above), then I assume you would vote thumbs up on both technologies if voted independently, correct? 

One may feel that in order to provide the broadest applicability, you need to have both technologies (and possibly infinite other DSL variants already invented or to be invented).  But each technology be voted independently, and if enough people feel the same way, then multiple technologies will achieve consensus. 

I guess my questions to you are
(a) would you vote thumbs up/down on AnnexJ?
(b) would you vote thumbs up/down on SHDSL? 

Given your preference for option (3), I have to assume you'd vote 'yes' on each choice, correct? 

- Matt

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