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RE: [EFM] Moving forward on extended temperature range optics


I want to express my gratitude for taking and keeping the ER Optics action
item. As you know I expressed my company's position (@ Vancouver)for the
need of ER optics and that 802.3ah must include this as normative. I am in
full support of your effort will try to attend the conference call. 

Richard Michalowski 
Sprint-Local Telecommunications Division 

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Bruce Tolley [mailto:btolley@xxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2003 1:59 PM
> To:;
> Subject: [EFM] Moving forward on extended temperature range optics
> Piers and all
> I gave my self the action to help move forward the outstanding issue 
> regarding extended temperature ranges for P2P and P2MP optics
> We have an objective to include in our specification of PHYs, 
> support for 
> extended temperature range optics
> The task force has in the past passed motions to specify EFM 
> optics at -40 
> to +85 C
> Network operators have on multiple occasions communicated the 
> requirement 
> for extended temperature solutions.
> As recently as the Vancouver meeting, several box vendors 
> (including me)b 
> communicated the requirement for extended temperature range 
> optics. We need 
> to agree on a path to move forward.
> So if interested parties want to forward to me their email 
> addresses, I 
> will host a conference call next week dedicated to this 
> issue. I think we 
> need to focus on a test specified in each PMD clause, to agree on the 
> ranges for OLT and ONU optics, to consider the possible 
> special case of 
> bidis that include 1550 nm DFBs, and to identify any PMD that 
> might only 
> need to be supported at standard, commercial temperatures.
> thanks
> Bruce Tolley
> Cisco Systems
>   At 04:11 PM 1/8/2003 +0100, piers_dawe@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >G.983.3 refers to ETS 300 019.  This is a very readable series of 
> >documents from the European Telecommunications Standards 
> Institute, giving 
> >a classification of environmental conditions, e.g. weatherprotected 
> >locations, non-weatherprotected, underground.  It uses four 
> classes of 
> >climatic conditions:
> >         "applies to most of Europe"
> >         extended
> >         extremely cold
> >         extremely warm dry
> >
> >And even better, up-to-date drafts are available on the web, e.g. at
> >
20101o.pdf .
>It is not the business of 802 to pick between these classes but we can 
>refer the readers of our standard to this information.
>ITU-T and ANSI T1 do not have similar documents.
>Both G.983.3 and refer to IEC 60721, classification of environmental 
>IEC 60721-3-4 - Ed. 2.0  Classification of environmental conditions - Part 
>3: Classification of groups of environmental parameters and their 
>severities - Section 4: Stationary use at non-weatherprotected 
>locations  1995-01 is available for CHF99 at 
> .

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