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Re: [EFM] Moving forward on extended temperature range optics

To everyone,

I've been in lurking mode for a long time. And while I'm not currently working 
at a telco anymore (having left CTBC Telecom about 6 months ago), I strongly 
feel the need to state my opinion on this particular subject.

Extended temperature range is a *requirement*. Of all possible environmental 
parameters, temperature is the only one that has to be part of the standard, 
if only for the simple reason that it has a direct influence on the 
performance, and hence the specs, of the optical components. Other stuff such 
as humidity, fire and earthquake resilience, etc. can be left to other groups 
to wonder about. But not temperature, please.

BTW, I'm not sure about how many of the people involved in this discussion 
have actual field experience. I can tell first hand that you would not 
believe where some people actually deploy stuff. Before someone blames their 
stupidity, lets remember that they are forced by the constraints of reality - 
real estate availability, distance, and (why not?) money. And not to mention 
that we're talking about *potential customers* here...

Carlos Ribeiro
Independent Consultor
Uberlandia, Brazil