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RE: [EFM] PON Optics Telephone Conference 30th Jan


My perspective on point ii) follows:
The ONU stops forwarding frames at the MAC Control level, this means
that the MAC is idle and not generating frames.
In turn the PCS generates /I/ characters to fill the line.
So the PMD will see serialized /I/ output from the PMA when the ONU is
not gated.

Does this answer the question?

Ariel Maislos

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> Subject: [EFM] PON Optics Telephone Conference 30th Jan
> Hello All,
> The highlight of our Thursdays (if not the whole week)...
> Time to start the PON optics conference calls again.
> First off a couple of important points:
> 1)  This is the last time I plan to 'blanket-bomb' this mail to the
>      main reflector.  I will set-up a smaller distribution
> list.  Please send me 
>      an e-mail if you wish to be placed on the list.
> 2)  I have attached a list of comments from the last meeting
> which were flagged 
>      for ad-hoc attention.  The order reflects priority.  
> Please comment on this if
>      I am forgetting something or if the list should be re-structured.
> For those of you who don't open attachments, I also have a
> couple of questions up-front:
> i)  In the upstream signal detect discussions, the point
> arose the SD that we define (or make optional)
>     probably will not meet the PMA requirements of an 
> existing CW design -
> Question: what will happen if no SD
>     is present, or, hardwired high etc.
> ii)  Protocol People: What comes into the PMD between bursts?
>  Is there a defined output?
> I will distribute the call in details at a later point but
> the time will hopefully remain the same. i.e. 08:00 PAC, Thursdays
> Best regards
> Tom
>  <<Comments with Action Items.pdf>>