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[EFM] Question regarding OAM in 802.3ah D1.3

802.3ah section 57 says that the OAM defined is for single link (or emulated link), and should not be forwarded by bridges/switches.
My question is, in case of Ethernet over SONET transport (GFP + Virtual concatenation), should the OAMPDU be terminated at the EOS device or it should be transparently transported?
Consider this example:
OLT1 -------------- ONU 1------------------ ONU 2 ------------ OLT 2
          Ethernet               SONET                  Ethernet
Assume OLT1 and OLT2 are the customer equipments and ONU1 and ONU2 are provider
transport equipments that transport Ethernet over SONET (but don't do any switching/bridging).
In this case should ONU1 terminate OAMPDUs from OLT1 or it should sent them transparently to OLT2?
In other words is OLT1--ONU1 considered a single link? what about ONU1 to ONU2, is this also a link?
Thanks in advance,
Shahram Davari
Senior Product Research Engineer
R&D Research Ottawa
PMC-Sierra, Inc.
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