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Re: [EFM] Question regarding OAM in 802.3ah D1.3


(My opinion)

There is only one answer to this that can be within the scope of 802.3, that is that the OAMP PDU terminates and originates at what you have labeled the "ONU". All other transport of this information is in-band and is in the domain of systems management. The purpose of OAM is (1) to extend the systems management of the box that you have labeled ONU to the box you have labeled OLT without requiring a full SNMP agent in the box you have labeled OLT and (2) to be able to (remotely) manage what you have labeled:
        OLT1 ---Ethernet---- ONU 1
as a single entity.

I hope this helps.


At 11:12 AM 2/10/2003 -0800, Shahram Davari wrote:
802.3ah section 57 says that the OAM defined is for single link (or emulated link), and should not be forwarded by bridges/switches.
My question is, in case of Ethernet over SONET transport (GFP + Virtual concatenation), should the OAMPDU be terminated at the EOS device or it should be transparently transported?
Consider this example:
OLT1 -------------- ONU 1------------------ ONU 2 ------------ OLT 2
          Ethernet               SONET                  Ethernet
Assume OLT1 and OLT2 are the customer equipments and ONU1 and ONU2 are provider
transport equipments that transport Ethernet over SONET (but don't do any switching/bridging).
In this case should ONU1 terminate OAMPDUs from OLT1 or it should sent them transparently to OLT2?
In other words is OLT1--ONU1 considered a single link? what about ONU1 to ONU2, is this also a link?
Thanks in advance,
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