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Re: [EFM] RE: Pause frame usage in transport networks

On Friday 21 February 2003 12:52, Shahram Davari wrote:
> What category do you think Ethernet over Sonet is?

I'm burning my tongue and both hands messing up with this discussion, but 

In Ethernet over Sonet, the customer is leasing a SONET-based facility. If the 
customer wants to have a _truly private service_, then its relatively easy 
for the operator to manage the circuit using the OAM functionality provided 
by SONET itself. Anything else is not 'leased line' anymore, if my 
understanding of the definition is correct.

And... as soon as the operator start to carry OAM information at the same 
layer (abstract or real) used to carry user traffic, then the circuit is not 
'private' anymore... unless you trust the operator enough to let it mess up 
with the traffic, inserting and removing the reserved frames when the traffic 
enters or leaves the network. That's what I understand of it anyway.

Carlos Ribeiro