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Re: [EFM] Service provider OAM for Leased Line services


I don't really want to get sucked into this discussion, but I just wanted to make a clarification.  You are correct that EFM has chosen to standardize on a PHY for Copper that includes an EOC out-of-band clear channel.  I would not go so far as to say, however, that the EOC has been "made available".  To this point, the EOC has generally been viewed as being an out-of-scope by-product of the the chosen PHY.  I do not think there is interest in exposing or describing EOC usage in 802.3ah. 

Of course, individial implementations might get creative. . .


Roy Bynum wrote:
> Ben,
> In a previous message I made the statement that with the exception of 
> the 10GbE WAN PHY, little has changed since I made the presentation 1999 
> stating the need for service provider OAM support for "dark fiber" and 
> other leased line services.  In one respect, that statement is 
> incorrect, but not directly because of the 802.3ah TF.  The copper sub 
> task force, in adopting the ITU defined mapping for xDSL, have made 
> available an embedded overhead channel (EOC) that can be used by service 
> providers for leased line and other "private" facility services.  The 
> EOC is similar in usable functionality to other "out-of-band" OAM in the 
> data transmission services industry.  So within that context, 802.3ah 
> has provided an OAM functionality that is useable by service providers 
> for services other than "packet", "Frame Relay", or so-called 
> "broadband" services, but only on the copper PHY.
> Thank you,
> Roy Bynum