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Re: [EFM] Service provider OAM for Leased Line services


While the 802.3ah TF should not specifically indicate how to get access to 
the copper PHY EOC through registers within the 802.3ah drafts.  Doing that 
makes it available to the customer and can be construed as part of the 
customer bandwidth/circuit/link.  By allowing the EOC to only be accessible 
through a transmission convergence management layer, it becomes exclusively 
useable to the service provider and can not be construed as part of the 
customer bandwidth/circuit/link.  I think that the 802.3ah copper PHY 
sub-task force is doing the correct thing by adopting the ITU mapping but 
not making the management in the mapping part of the MAC Layer management.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum

At 12:38 AM 2/25/2003 -0800, Scott Simon wrote:

>I don't really want to get sucked into this discussion, but I just wanted 
>to make a clarification.  You are correct that EFM has chosen to 
>standardize on a PHY for Copper that includes an EOC out-of-band clear 
>channel.  I would not go so far as to say, however, that the EOC has been 
>"made available".  To this point, the EOC has generally been viewed as 
>being an out-of-scope by-product of the the chosen PHY.  I do not think 
>there is interest in exposing or describing EOC usage in 802.3ah.
>Of course, individial implementations might get creative. . .
>Roy Bynum wrote:
>>In a previous message I made the statement that with the exception of the 
>>10GbE WAN PHY, little has changed since I made the presentation 1999 
>>stating the need for service provider OAM support for "dark fiber" and 
>>other leased line services.  In one respect, that statement is incorrect, 
>>but not directly because of the 802.3ah TF.  The copper sub task force, 
>>in adopting the ITU defined mapping for xDSL, have made available an 
>>embedded overhead channel (EOC) that can be used by service providers for 
>>leased line and other "private" facility services.  The EOC is similar in 
>>usable functionality to other "out-of-band" OAM in the data transmission 
>>services industry.  So within that context, 802.3ah has provided an OAM 
>>functionality that is useable by service providers for services other 
>>than "packet", "Frame Relay", or so-called "broadband" services, but only 
>>on the copper PHY.
>>Thank you,
>>Roy Bynum