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[EFM] PON optics Conference Calls, starting 3rd April

Hello All,

Now that Draft BRACKET one divided by the Sine or Cosine of BRACKET
forty-five degrees BRACKET BRACKET
is in the bag (I hope), its time to get back to the conference calls. 

I am sending this reminder to the main reflector, further notifications will
be on the PON 
optics distribution list which I up-date.  If you wish to be added to the
list then please send me a mail.

The calls will take place on Thursdays mornings, 08:00 Pacific (17:00
Central European).
I hope to start up the calls next week - 3rd of April.

The main items arising from the last meeting which I would like to cover

1)  Frame based testing.  This relates to both Cl 58 and 59

2)  Clocking architecture and its implications for testing. It may not be
possible to 
resolve this between meetings but we could work on testing procedure
irrespective of the outcome.

3)  Open TRs for 58 and 59 - TDP vs Jitter measurements.

4)   stuff

Best regard


P.S.  Sarcasm is the lowest form of humour, but where would we be without