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[EFM] PON optics calls

Hello All,

At the request of Howard and Vipul, the announcements and minutes of the PON
calls will be made on the P2P reflector. I apologise that this once 
again increases the volume of reflector traffic.  Although I cannot promise
to increase the 
size, durability or firmness of any of your body parts, the increase in my
will hopefully make the larger audience aware of the issues in the optics
clauses that need to be resolved
before the going to working group ballot.

NOTE: There is no separate call for Clause 59 issues.  These points are
covered to a large
extent in the Cl 58 and 60 calls.

The PON optics calls take place on Thursday evenings at 08:00 pacific time,
will send details of the call in details later.

I look forward to your participation on the calls

Best regards