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[EFM] Official Nickname for our standard?

Hey All,

Here's another question.  Do we have an official nickname for our standard?  For example, 10GBASE-X registers in Clause 45 are called "10G <register name>".  

Do we have something like "EFM <register name"?   "10PASS-TS/2BASE-TL <register name>" seems a little lengthy.  Maybe we just live with the long winded version, but is there a good alternative?

As far as I remember, we are discouraged from using EFM in the draft.  What about these suggestions:

SAN  -- $ub$criber access network?  (a good joke against our storage colleagues)
SuNe -- $ub$criber network?
SAP  -- $ub$criber access PHY?

What does everyone think?

I have a comment to put something in front of the 10PASS-TS/2BASE-TL registers, I'll just use the long winded version if no one has a better idea.