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Re: [EFM-Copper] RE: [EFM] Official Nickname for our standard?


... because "EFM" does not appear in either the PAR or anywhere in the draft. We haven't adopted EFM as an "official" name for anything.


One possibility might be 10P"reg name" and 2B"reg name" - with registers applicable to both being 10P/2B"reg name" - that is fairly short and unique.

Alternatively SA"reg name" (by dropping the N, we avoid confusion with the storage version).

Hugh. wrote:

> Why not use EFMC?
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> From: Scott Simon []
> Sent: Friday, May 23, 2003 1:59 PM
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> Subject: [EFM] Official Nickname for our standard?
> Hey All,
> Here's another question.  Do we have an official nickname for our standard?  For example, 10GBASE-X registers in Clause 45 are called "10G <register name>".
> Do we have something like "EFM <register name"?   "10PASS-TS/2BASE-TL <register name>" seems a little lengthy.  Maybe we just live with the long winded version, but is there a good alternative?
> As far as I remember, we are discouraged from using EFM in the draft.  What about these suggestions:
> SAN  -- $ub$criber access network?  (a good joke against our storage colleagues)
> SuNe -- $ub$criber network?
> SAP  -- $ub$criber access PHY?
> What does everyone think?
> I have a comment to put something in front of the 10PASS-TS/2BASE-TL registers, I'll just use the long winded version if no one has a better idea.
> -=Scott