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[EFM] EFM Cu labels for Clause 45

Hi All,

Thanks for your input, I'm using these labels in the next draft to satisfy the comment.  If we want different labels, we can talk about that after the draft is published.

10P -- label to indicate “pertains to 10PASS-TS port-type”
2B - label to indicate “pertains to 2BASE-TL port-type”
10P/2B -- label to indicate “pertains to 10PASS-TS and 2BASE-TL port-types”
MCM -- label to indicate “pertains to 10PASS-TS MCM version”
SCM -- label to indicate “pertains to 10PASS-TS SCM version”

So you'll see registers with names like:

10P/2B capability register
10P Electrical length register
10P MCM tone control action register


Howard Frazier wrote:

> Scott,
> This is a good question and it goes beyond the copper track.
> The 802 group is known as "LAN/MAN Standards Committee".
> Yet 802.3ah defines a network which is neither LAN nor
> MAN...  The name we choose will be used not only in our
> standard, but will find its way into marketing and research
> literature.
> Traditionally networks were classified by their geographical
> span: Local Area Networks (LANs), Metropolitan Area Networks
> (MANs), or Wide Area Networks (WANs).  Following this
> ideology, we would call our network something like
> "Neighborhood Area Network" (NAN).
> Alternatively we may emphasize the network purpose and call
> it "Access Network" or "$ub$criber Access Network".  In my
> opinion "Access Network" is not descriptive enough, and as
> you mentioned the abbreviation for "$ub$criber Access
> Network" clashes with "Storage Area Networks".
> The name "Storage Area Network" makes very little sense as
> it combines purpose (storage) and area. Surprisingly, the
> name caught on. By this analogy we may call our network
> "Access Area Network (AAN)" or "$ub$criber Access Area
> Network (SAAN)".
> Are there any other suggestions?
> Long live the IEEE 802 LAN/MAN/SAAN(?) Standards Committee!
> Cheers,
> Glen