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RE: [EFM] Forward from Glen Kramer


We already have one new acronymn, EFM, there is no need to invent more. EFM 
can also morph into three real words, no need for acronymn: first mile Ethernet



At 08:56 AM 5/28/2003 -0700, wrote:

>I believe the XAN idea looks good and sounds OK, if pronounced like ZAN. 
>However, this may not speak so well to our whole Marketing effort as well 
>as technical effort, as the name being easy on people will help its 
>acceptance, etc. I also think I have seen XAN used elsewhere, but cannot 
>This all stated... can we consider to go with EAN (pronounced Ian, say) 
>that is Ethernet Access Network... which is exactly what we have. This 
>rolls off the tongue well, it says what it says and is, and it gets us 
>moving toward the hugely successful marketing effort that comes next.
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>Howard and all
>How about XAN -  for eXtended/eXtrernal/xDSL  Area Network
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>From: Howard Frazier []
>Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2003 9:03 PM
>Subject: [EFM] Forward from Glen Kramer
>This is a good question and it goes beyond the copper track.
>The 802 group is known as "LAN/MAN Standards Committee".
>Yet 802.3ah defines a network which is neither LAN nor
>MAN...  The name we choose will be used not only in our
>standard, but will find its way into marketing and research
>Traditionally networks were classified by their geographical
>span: Local Area Networks (LANs), Metropolitan Area Networks
>(MANs), or Wide Area Networks (WANs).  Following this
>ideology, we would call our network something like
>"Neighborhood Area Network" (NAN).
>Alternatively we may emphasize the network purpose and call
>it "Access Network" or "$ub$criber Access Network".  In my
>opinion "Access Network" is not descriptive enough, and as
>you mentioned the abbreviation for "$ub$criber Access
>Network" clashes with "Storage Area Networks".
>The name "Storage Area Network" makes very little sense as
>it combines purpose (storage) and area. Surprisingly, the
>name caught on. By this analogy we may call our network
>"Access Area Network (AAN)" or "$ub$criber Access Area
>Network (SAAN)".
>Are there any other suggestions?
>Long live the IEEE 802 LAN/MAN/SAAN(?) Standards Committee!

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