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Re: [EFM] IEEE 802.3ah MIB?


I offer my hope that the IETF will continue the practice of
reviewing the work of the IEEE 802.3 Working Group and
developing compatible MIB definitions in the Ethernet Interfaces and
Hub MIB Working Group.  This relationship has been very
successful in the past, and I have every expectation that
it will continue to be successful.

If you would like the IEEE 802.3ah EFM Task Force to provide a
statement along these lines, I would be happy to raise the
topic at our next meeting, which is scheduled for June 24-25 in
Ottawa.  The meeting announcement can be found at the following URL:

Any interested members of the IETF Ethernet Interfaces and
Hub MIB Working Group are of course welcome to attend this meeting.

Howard Frazier
Chair, IEEE 802.3ah EFM Task Force

Romascanu, Dan (Dan) wrote:

> Our Area Directors copied me on a query that they received about 
> eventual work on a IEEE 802.3af MIB. I have sent a query to the WG list 
> last January, and I do not remember having received any feedback. Truth 
> is that by that point in time the Management and OAM clauses in the EFM 
> work were pretty open. This has probably changed by now and with the 
> 802.3ah Draft getting closer to Sponsor Ballot, it is probably a good 
> time to ask the question again. is there interest for a 802.3ah (EFM) 
> MIB work in the IETF Ethernet Interfaces and Hub MIB Working Group? As 
> the IETF rules say, we need a visible level of interest, and volunteers 
> to commit to do the work in order to be able to discuss re-chartering 
> the WG with the ADs.
> I am copying the IEEE 802.3ah list - feedback is obviously welcome from 
> them as well.
> Thanks,
> Dan
> Dan Romascanu,
> Chair, IETF Ethernet Interfaces and Hub MIB WG