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[EFM] IEEE P802.3ah D1.732: 1 Day left to comment on the draft

Dear EFM Task Force Members,

There is 1 day left in our current commenting period. I hope that you have all had a chance to download the latest draft.

Below is the information for getting to the tool and draft. Also please keep in mind that you will be commenting on the DIFF version per the instructions below:

Commenting Tool
A new comment submittal tool to be used for submitting comments on IEEE P802.3ah/D1.732 has been posted at:

Do not use any of the older commenting tools to submit comments on draft 1.732.

Instrucions for commenting on this draft
The intent of this comment cycle is for you to comment on changes to the draft or on areas that are affected by changes to the draft.

Unlike our previous comment cycles this is different in that the scope of your review is limited to comments related to changes. This is good practice for our nearing WG Ballot cycle.

We have three types of chapters in this draft:
A. New clauses and annexes:
Clause 1, Annex 30A, Annex 30B, and Annex 58A are all new to draft D1.732. Since these are new chapters you are free to
comment on them in their entirety.

B. New clauses and annexes to EFM:
For new clauses and annexes you will notice that new text appears in green and is underscored. You will also notice that deleted text
appears in red with a strikethrough.

For tables and figures, the latest version appears.

Please comment on the changes from the previous EFM document.

C. Modified clauses and annexes to EFM:
For changed clauses (like C30, C4 and C1 etc.) we keep track of two things:
(a) changes that we make relative to what is in the source document that we are ammending.

as well as

(b) changes from the previous revision

By default changes to the base documents appear with a strikethrough and underscore in black text (to indicate removed and new
text). However, changes from the previous draft appear in a red strikethrough and green underscore.

For tables and figures, the latest version appears.

For modified chapters please comment on the changes from the previous EFM document.

In summary, apart from CL1, AN 30A, 30B & 58A (which you are free to comment on in their entirity), please focus your
comments on the colored changes in the DIFF draft.

Document overview
For an overview of the document please look at the front matter (pages v through vi) in the D1.732 document or refer to the report from the Seoul meeting:

Some comments about writing comments
When commenting please keep the following style suggestions in mind:
- Please be specific and include clause, subclause, line and page numbers in your comments

- Please keep 1 comment per comment; if you find that you are embedding two comments in 1 record, please split them up

- Suggest a remedy and/or text. Please be specific in your suggested remedy. Avoid questions in the remedy. If the comment addresses an area that is missing text you may suggest something in the remedy.

The deadline for submitting comments is tomorrow night the 12th.

Wael William Diab
Editor-In-Chief, IEEE 802.3ah