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[EFM] Don't relax just yet...

EFM team members,

Now that you have all breathed a sigh of relief after submitting your comments
on Draft 1.732, we can throw another deadline your way....

Howard has asked me to let you all know about the plans for Ottawa. In
particular, on the second day of the meeting (Wednesday) we will be addressing
the Big Ticket Items. It is expected that these BTIs will include the copper
short reach PHY selection and some other issues as defined by your favorite STF

Please note that the deadline for presentations supporting resolution of BTIs is
midnight on Friday 6/20/03. Please make sure that you coordinate presentations
amongst supporters with a common viewpoint - duplications will be rejected!
Presentations will be uploaded on Saturday 6/21/03 (copies must be sent to
Howard, me and the STF chair) and it is expected that the presentations will be
delivered as uploaded.

Thank you for your attention,

Hugh Barrass (Vice Chair).

PS for those of you who wish to acclimatize early for Ottawa, it is spelt