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[EFM] T1E1 testing results

Dear members of the IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile Task Force,


As you know, one of the biggest, if not The Biggest, open item before us is the question of the PMD to be used for the 10PASS-TS copper PHY.  We have an adopted motion that “The line code selection process recognizes that Committee T1 has a goal of making a VDSL line code decision and will give due weight to that decision.”  As was presented at the Copper Recap in Seoul, the results from the laboratory testing organized by T1E1 were due to be posted on the web on 6/16/03 (similar to our group, contributions to T1E1 meetings are publicly available).  This has indeed happened, and those of you who wish to examine these results ahead of our Ottawa meeting may do so.


With the consent of the T1E1 leadership, the following steps describe where to find the results on the T1 public website.  All of the test results, from both of the labs which performed the testing, for of all four vendors that submitted equipment for testing, are in the 6xx series of document numbers on the T1E1 site.  To see a page with all of this information:


 Go to:

 Make sure the "Simple Search" Radio Button is on, then hit "Continue"

 Type 3e146  in the "Filename (excluding suffix) Contains" box;

 Click "Begin Search"

 The results page should show 16 entries with complete descriptions. 

You can also obtain the reports by clicking the link to the left of the report description.


Note these test lab results present test lab data only, and are subject to interpretation.  The T1E1.4 meeting to review these results is taking place today and tomorrow.  They are actively working to analyze and interpret the data, and are endeavoring to come to conclusions regarding the VDSL line code selection.  I anticipate we will be receiving a communication statement from this meeting into our Ottawa meeting


--Barry O’Mahony

Chair, EFM Cu STF