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[EFM] FWD: 802.3ah (EFM) MIB

That darn $ub$cribe taboo word caused Dan's very
important message to be bounced, so I am forwarding
it on his behalf.  If you are interested in the IETF
MIB for EFM, please read the message included below.

Let me also express my thanks and encouragement to
all of those who have volunteered to contribute to
this effort.

Howard Frazier
Chair, IEEE 802.3ah EFM Task Force

-------- Original Message --------

Subject: 802.3ah (EFM) MIB
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 09:03:50 +0300
From: "Romascanu, Dan (Dan)" <>
To: <>
Cc: "Bemmel, Vincent" <>,
    "Edward Beili" <>, <>,
    "Matt Squire" <>,
    "Yonghong Ren" <>,
    "John Messenger" <>,
    "Ariel Maislos" <>,
    "Glen Kramer" <>,
    "Sreenivas Kottapalli" <>,
    "Ali Abaye" <>, "Masoud Khansari" <>,
    "Shuzo Tomita" <>, <>,
    "Kumaran Veerayah" <>, "Dolors Sala" <>,
    "Bert Wijnen (E-mail)" <>

It looks like there is a relatively high level of interest in starting a
new work item in the Ethernet Interfaces and Hub MIB WG for a 802.3ah /
Ethernet First Mile MIB. Up to now I have received mails that confirm
the intention to particpate in this work from the following individuals:

- Vincent Bemmel - - interest in EPON
- Eduard Beili -
- Menachem Dodge - - copper and relationship
   w/ ADSL MIB
- Matt Squire - (Matt is the sub-chair of
   the OAM track in the IEEE 802.3ah TF)
- Yonghong Ren -
- John Messenger - (only reviewing, not editing)
- Ariel Maislos - - EPON
- Glen Kramer -
- Sreen Kottaplli -
- Dr. Ali Abaye -
- Dr. Masoud Khansari -
- Shuzo Tomita -
- Kumaran Veerayah -
- Dolors Sala -

If I missed anybody, or mis-represented anybody's intentions, please let
me know. If there are more individuals interested in participation,
please send a message to
We seem to be in good shape, from an interest level point of view!
The bad news is that we missed the opportunity to meet during the 57th
IETF meeting, which will take place in Vienna, in the week of 7/15. If
some the people who are interested in this work will attend the IETF
meeting, please let me know. We can organize an unofficial meeting or a
'Bar BOF'. However, the core of the discussions will take place on the
e-mail list ( Thus the first thing that I need to ask
is for anybody who is not $ub$cribed on this list to do it. Instructions
can be found on the WG Web page at
Other participants from the IEEE 802.3ah TF who are interested to
participate in the MIB work are kindly required to $ub$cribe as well. We
will stop cross-posting to the IEEE reflector, as soon as the discussion
gets started.
The same page contains the current WG Charter. We need to propose an
update for Ethernet First Mile MIB, and have it approved by the Area
Director and the IESG. I invite starting immediately discussions about
the charter proposal, including:
- scope of the work - MIBs only, anything else ??
- relationship with the IEEE 802.3 standards - is the current text OK?
- deliverables - one document, one document per EFM flavor, other
- schedules
I expect this to be a challenging piece of work.

Dan Romascanu,
Chair, Ethernet Interfaces and Hub MIB WG