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[EFM] Virus Alert <MMS1>

A recent email you sent was not delivered.  The original email headers
are attached with this email.  Broadcom E-Mail policy does not allow
attachments with .vbs, .scr, .pif, .exe, and .com extensions due to the
number of email viruses spread through this fashion.  Even within .zip
files these attachments are not allowed.  If you need to deliver a file
of this type, rename it either by changing the extension or adding a
".txt" and let the recipient know to change it back.  You can also
create a password protected zip file if you need to send a file of this
type.  Please note that renaming a non password protected .zip file that
contains any of the attachments mentioned above will not work.

An email you recently sent to a recipient within contained

The infected message was quarantined and not delivered to the intended

Please run an antivirus program immediately to scan your desktop for
known viruses.  After you have ensured that your desktop is virus-free,
you can resend the message.

If you need assistance, please contact your mail administrator or help

If you are a Broadcom employee, instructions are already being emailed
to you so that you may know how to eradicate these viruses from your
workstation and/or receive additional support from our helpdesk in doing

Click the attachment below to view the headers of the email in question
which is the reason for this notification. 

Information regarding the virus that was intercepted is as follows : 

 Virus Scanner found the 
 W32/Sobig.f@MM virus
   in the attached file: details.pif