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[EFM] DO NOT send "remove" messages to the reflector


For the benefit of Kevin and others, the message "do not send remove 
message to the reflector" should be interpreted as,

"DO NOT send remove messages to the reflector."

To send a such a message demonstrates a fundamental lack of 
understanding of e-mail and network related matters. No one who 
understands e-mail would expect that sending a message to all of the 
recipients of a mailing list would be the correct way of removing 
oneself from the list.

Think carefully - do you want to contact the sender or the recipients?

Please follow this link for complete (and simple to understand) 

My apologies to all those who understand the process and are irritated 
by these messages. Additionally, I apologize for the flood of "remove" 
and "me too" messages which will inevitably follow this one.


Kevin Hyland wrote:

> remove
> Bruce Tolley wrote:
>> To all:
>> Complete and detailed instructions are posted on the IEEE 802.3ah web 
>> site