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[EFM] p802.3ah/D2.0 Ballot Results



The ballot for IEEE 802.3ah/D2.0 closed at the announced time.  The Task Force appreciates those 802.3 members that took the time to review the document.  Subsequent to the ballot close, a significant number (12) of late ballots were sent.  These late ballots are not included in the totals below.


Voters       211

Approve      77

Disapprove    29

Abstain        6

Returns      112


Response    53.08%  (meets response ratio)

Approval    72.64%  (fails to meet approval ratio)

Abstain      5.36%  (meets abstain ratio)


The approval ratio will be reevaluated following comment resolution, and either a new WG ballot, or a recirculation WG ballot will be conducted as appropriate.  Comment resolution will be conducted at the previously announced interim meeting in Ancona, Italy.  Meeting information is available on the 802.3 web site (

Bob Grow
Chair, IEEE 802.3 Working Group