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[EFM] RE: [802.3] IEEE P802.3ah Draft 2.0: Comments with proposed responses


It is sadening to see that the 802.3 editors are willing to blow off
valid notation-inconsistency comments with a step-and-repeat answer:
  IEEE 802.3ah is an ammendment to 802.3.
  The style is consistant with the 802.3 style and
  has been reviewed by the IEEE Staff Editor.

You should be aware that, in all cases, this notation is inconsistent
with portions of the 802.3 draft and/or the IEEE style manual. While I
understand that this casual disregard of valid comments is blessed at
the highest level of your working group (I have saved their email),
it will not (in my opinion) be blessed by the IEEE Standards board.

When such comments were submitted during the IEEE 802.17 WG ballots,
they were addressed with seriousness and a much improved document
resulted. I'm disappointed that your group was not as receptive
and (in fact) seems committed to sustaining bad editing practices
as an excuse for timeliness to completion.

This "quick and dirty" approach is unlikely to give you the timely
completion that you desire. Deferring these issues to Sponsor ballot
will only extend you completion time further, and delays for a
Standard Board appeal and rewrite would be even worse.


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>> Diab
>> Sent: Monday, September 15, 2003 4:36 AM
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>> Subject: [802.3] IEEE P802.3ah Draft 2.0: Comments with proposed
>> responses
>> Dear Members of the IEEE 802.3 CSMA/CD Working Group
>> and the IEEE 802.3ah EFM Task Force,
>> Your 802.3ah editorial teams have produced suggested responses to the
>> 1270 comments in our D2.0 comment database!
>> A pdf with the comments and suggested responses can be downloaded from
>> our comments page at:
>> My thanx to all the editorial teams, our editorial leads as well as our
>> honorary comment editor, Brad, for all of their hard work.
>> There is a fair amount of work and a significant number of comments for
>> us to get through next week. So please try downloading and reviewing the
>> proposed responses.
>> I look forward to our meeting in Italy
>> --
>> Wael William Diab
>> Editor-In-Chief, IEEE 802.3ah