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[EFM] Active to active connections are useful


I read the comments about "local_satisfied" in the proposed resolutions
(#594, #679) and I agree that it would be helpful to include diagnostics
about why discovery won't complete.  However it raises a couple of issues:

1. The ability to initiate a loopback from the CPE to the CO is useful for
commissioning.  This requires the CPE to be in Active mode.  (Just because
you let the other end be Active doesn't mean you have to support his
Variable Requests.)  I'd be interested to know whether switch vendors intend
to support OAM loopback paths for this purpose?

2. I anticipate implementations that propose their favoured configuration
and see if it is acceptable to the other end, but if it is not
(local_satisfed remains false after a few cycles of discovery) then back off
to a less-favoured but still operable configuration.  For example a CPE
might propose to be active and if that was not OK, back off to proposing to
be passive.  As we do not specify the behaviour of the OAM Client, this is a
point that implementors need to bear in mind - discovery should be a
negotiation, not a "take it or leave it" conversation.

If anyone would be willing to summarise the resolution at the interim for
me, I'd be grateful.

	-- John
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