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[EFM] Re: [802.1] Acceptable frame types issue

This message from Norm bounced, so I am forwarding it on his behalf.


At 12:34 PM 9/18/2003 -0700, Norman Finn wrote:

 >The two VLANs VI and VO are configured for
 >Shared Learning in all bridges.  Thus, the routers can talk to each other
 >and to the $ub$cribers on VLAN VO, and the $ub$cribers can talk to the
 >routers on VLAN VI, but the $ub$cribers cannot talk to each other.

Just like the normal situation in an 802.3 EFM/EPON without Point-to-Point

 >This kind of setup is very useful for reducing the number of VLANs needed in
 >a Layer 2 Provider's network that is connecting ISPs to $ub$cribers; one
 >VLAN per $ub$criber does not scale sufficiently for many Providers'