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RE: [EFM] final comment response?

Title: final comment response?
1) If any of my comment responses are delaying the publication of
   responses (useful for Kim), please remind me which responses
  are due I was a bit frazzled at last week's Las Vegas IEEE meeting.
2) Is anyone aware of an 802.3ah WG resolution that requested
IEEE Staff perform extensive changes in the (thought to be stable)
next-generation FrameMaker template project?
These extensive changes were (apparently) perceived by IEEE Staff
to have broad 802.3 support, and were therefore implemented.
Unfortunately, the extent and secretive nature of these changes
exceeded the limits of the 802 and MMSC adhoc volunteers.
As a result, development of the next-generation templates has
been cancelled, with significant (although managable) consequences:
 1) Robust full-featured templates will not be available from IEEE Staff.
 2) Delayed bug fixes (including the "white last line" split-table "feature").
 3) Sponsors and individuals have lost their unique opportunity to refine the
    FrameMaker templates through a fair&equitable public review process.
If a formal Ancona resolution was accepted, but vocalized incorrectly,
perhaps some of the damage could be corrected.

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Why isn't there the final comment response from the Ancona meeting on the web?

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