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[EFM] EFM MIB - Ethernet MIB WG Interim Meeting

Title: EFM MIB - Ethernet MIB WG Interim Meeting

Attn: Howard Frazier


I apologize for using the reflector to reach you, but your IEEE addresses are bouncing on me. I pinged you twice last week so that I am re-sending the query. We need a confirmation about the status of the projected IETF Ethernet Interfaces and Hub MIB WG interim meeting - co-located with the January 2004 Vancouver meeting of IEEE 802.3ah. Did you discuss this in the last week meeting, did you raise it with the IEEE 802 leadership (if needed)? Main questions would be whether we can count on meeting facilities, what will be the projected date (we expect to need one day), and whether the issue of the fee for the IETF-only participants was discussed. Please try to provide answers to these questions as soon as possible. We need to get the IESG approval, and then announce the meeting at least one month in advance, and we risk to run out of time.

Thanks and Regards,