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[EFM] Published leaf and branch values don't fit in variable descriptor/container

Dear OAMers,

Some of the newly-added values in clause 30A of D3.0 exceed 255.  As they
map to the variable leaf and branch fields in the variable descriptior and
variable containers, which are 8-bit fields, this is a problem.  That is,
unless I'm missing something!

I will put in a comment on the draft, but neither obvious fix is necessarily
easy.  I imagine that the larger values have been chosen because the smaller
ones are used up already.  But changing the size of the leaf and branch
fields, though perfectly legal because we have no standard yet, will not be
popular with people who have done implementation work.  If we do decide to
change the size of the fields, there might be merit in updating the OAM
Version number in the information TLV.

	-- John
John Messenger (
R&D Manager, Software
ADVA Optical Networking Ltd.