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Re: [EFM] Capitalization confusion

As a point of personal opinion, by attempting to follow the letter of the
law, we are absolutely missing the spirit of the law.

According the to the options listed below, can the sentence, "efm has an
optional forward error correction capability specified in the forward error
correction sublayer in clause....," be "encoded" in a way that is useful to
the reader who is most concerned with understanding the document?


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> Sent: Monday, April 12, 2004 3:54 PM
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> Subject: [EFM] Capitalization confusion
> Howard,
> I was rather surprized by Bob Grow's statement today,
> that abbreviations of proper nouns should be lower case.
> My understanding is that abbreviations and acronym words
> are to be spelled upper case or lower case, as the words
> would be used in the middle of a sentence. For example:
> Option 1:
>   Acronyms:
>   USA  United States of America
>   FEC  forward error correction
>   Within the text:
>   In the United States of America, the forward error correction
>   code must be approved by the NSA.
> Option 2:
>   Acronyms:
>   USA  united states of america
>   FEC  forward error corrction
>   Within the text:
>   In the United States of America, the forward error
>   correction code must be4 approved by the NSA.
> Bob seemed to indicate the policy was option (2),
> while my reading of the style guidelines was clearly
> (1). Rather than mud wrestling, it seemed best to
> go to the source on this one.
> Could you arrange for an IEEE editor to be available
> tomorrow. I think that could resolve such concerns
> in a timely and accurate fashion. Simply being
> available for a phone call from the BRC would be
> sufficient; I doubt they need to attend the whole
> thing.
> Thanks,
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