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Re: [EFM] What to do when local_pdu is LF_INFO

Stephen, discusses the content of the Information OAMPDU when the variable local_pdu=LF_INFO. These Information OAMPDUs are transmitted to the subordinate sublayer.

Whether or not these OAMPDUs are sent across the link depends upon the capability and configuration of the PCS (for 100BASE-X and 1000BASE-X) and the RS (for 10GBASE-X).

57.2.12 is talking about Unidirectional OAM characteristics for the DTE, while discusses in detail the OAM Discovery state diagram within the OAM sublayer.

Hope this helps.

Kevin Daines
Editor, EFM OAM


From: owner-stds-802-3-efm@LISTSERV.IEEE.ORG on behalf of Stephen Suryaputra
Sent: Tue 4/13/2004 3:50 PM
Subject: [EFM] What to do when local_pdu is LF_INFO


I have another question about what to do when local_pdu = LF_INFO. One part of the spec ( says that info OAMPDU is sent without any information TLV, another part (57.2.12) is saying that such OAMPDU is only sent if the OAM supports unidirectional mode.

Any clarification?