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[EFM] Zero Q-set in Report message

  Question: Is it possible to have a Q-set with
  report bitmap as in the following example:

  Byte N  : No of Q-sets: 2
  Byte N+1: Q-set 1 Report Bitmap : 0x0
  Byte N+2: Q-set 2 Report Bitmap : 0x3
  Byte N+3,N+4: Queue 0 bytes for Q-set 2
  Byte N+5,N+6: Queue 1 bytes for Q-set 2

  In this case the no of Q-sets field says
  that there are 2 Queue sets in the report
  frame. But the report bitmap of the first
  Q-set is 0x0, which means there are no
  queue reports in this set. Followed by this
  we have the second Q-set with bitmap 0x3.

  I feel that it is not explicitly mentioned
  in the spec anywhere whether zero report bitmap
  is allowed or not. From a logical point of
  view it does not make sense in ONU sending a
  Q-set with zero report bitmap. Rather it can
  send report frame with one less Q-set.