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Re: [EFM] Bug in definition of OAMDiscoveryState values (Annex 30 B)

Open mouth, insert work.  Remind me to shut up next time. 
Yes, I'll contact David and take the action item to follow-up.
- Matt
-----Original Message-----
From: Geoff Thompson []
Sent: Friday, July 30, 2004 8:49 AM
To: Matt Squire
Subject: Re: [EFM] Bug in definition of OAMDiscoveryState values (Annex 30 B)


So does that mean that you will take the action item to file a Maint Req with David to get it fixed?


At 07:15 AM 7/29/2004 -0700, Matt Squire wrote:

> Dear EFMers,
> It seems to me that there is a missing enumerated value in
> the definition of
> OAMDiscoveryState in Annex 30B on page 193 of draft 3.3.
> There are only 5
> states listed in that definition, with the value for "send
> local remote OK"
> missing.  In (page 49), aOAMDiscoveryState is
> shown with all 6
> values (agreeing with the definition in clause 57, figure
> 57-5 on page 231).

Me thinks you are correct.  I think this stuff changed in D3.1 and we didn't update 30B.

- Matt