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To unsubscribe from any IEEE 802 reflector, you need to send a message
to listserv requesting removal. Take a look at the EFM reflector page:

You will notice that it closely resembles all of the IEEE 802 listserv
reflector pages. You would also be advised to remember that e-mail
etiquette does not generally include sending "remove" messages to e-mail
lists, rather the message should be sent to the list owner (or the
automatic list manager in the case of listserv).

On a related note - I think that interest in EFM discussion has waned to
the point that the list is no longer useful. I suggest that the
reflectors should be closed down by the next plenary and, unless there
are significant objections, I will suggest that the the list manager.


Richard Brand wrote:

> Pls remove me from this list.