IEEE 802.3ah
Ethernet in the First Mile
Task Force

January, 2003, Vancouver

Presentation Materials

General Session Materials




Presentation Title

1 All Files all presentation files in zip
2 Howard Frazier Agenda and General Information
3 PAR and 5 Criteria
4 Project Objectives
5 Minutes of November, 2002 meeting
6 Minutes of January, 2003 meeting
7 Comments received on IEEE Draft P802.3ah/D1.2
8 Letter from T1E1
9 Letter to T1E1
10 Matt Squire Hatteras Networks OAM STF Status Report
11 Gerry Pesavento Teknovus P2MP STF Status Report
12 Ariel Maislos Passave FEC Bursting Proposal
13 Vipul Bhatt Optical PMD Sub Task Force Report
14 Frank Effenberger Quantum Bridge PON PMD Timing
15 Hugh Barrass Cisco Copper STF Status Report
16 Barry O'Mahony Intel 64/65 Encapsulation
17 Marc Kimpe Adtran SHDSL Proposal
18 Craig Easley Extreme Networks SHDSL Proposal (cont.)
19 Doug Artman Texas Instruments ADSL Proposal
20 Wael Diab Cisco Systems Editor In Chief's Report

Sub Task Force Break Out Session Technical Presentation Materials

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