IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile Task Force
IEEE 802.3ah Copper - July, 2002 Presentation Materials
# Name Company/Org Presentation Title File email
1 Hugh Barrass Cisco Copper Work Plan barrass_copper_1_0702.pdf
Proposals for the Long Reach Objective
2 Craig Easley Extreme The Case for Two Copper PHYs easley_copper_1_0702.pdf
3 Dong Wei SBC A New Rate/Reach Objective wei_copper_1_0702.pdf
4 Daun Langston Metanoia EFM Long Reach Objective langston_copper_1_0702.pdf
Baselines for the Long Reach Objective
5 Steve Jackson Hatteras Extended Reach Baseline Proposal jackson_copper_1_0702.pdf
6 Edward Beili Actelis Covering CSA with Mulitpair SHDSL beili_copper_1_0702.pdf
7 Doug Artman Texas Instruments ADSL for the EFM Long Reach Objective artman_copper_1_0702.pdf
Evaluation Criteria
8 Barry O'Mahony Intel Evaluation Criteria for the First EFMCu Objective omahony_copper_1_0702.pdf
Presentations Related to Adopted Baselines
9 Steve Jackson Hatteras Multipair Bonding Enhancement jackson_copper_2_0702.pdf
10 Hugh Barrass Cisco Loop Aggregation Discovery barrass_copper_2_0702.pdf
11 Scott Simon Cisco EFMCu Link Control simon_copper_1_0702.pdf
Presentations Related to Encapsulation and Framing
12 Vladimir Oksman Broadcom Overview of Different Encapsulation Tech. oksman_copper_1_0702.pdf
13 Hugh Barrass Cisco Encapsulation and Framing barrass_copper_3_0702.pdf
Presentations Related to DMT, Spectral Flexibility and Vectoring
14 Jacky Chow Jubilant The True Benefit of Spectral Flexibility chow_copper_1_0702.pdf
15 Jacky Chow Jubilant 100Mbps Symmetric with Vectored DMT VDSL chow_copper_2_0702.pdf
16 Jacky Chow Jubilant Rate/Reach, Noise & RFI for Copper Objectives chow_copper_3_0702.pdf
Presentations Related to DMT, Spectral Flexibility and Vectoring
14 Edward Beili Actelis Some ideas on naming beili_copper_2_0702.pdf
15 Hugh Barrass Cisco Copper track end report (with votes) barrass_copper_4_0702.pdf