IEEE 802.3ah
Ethernet in the First Mile
Task Force

March, 2004, Orlando, Florida

Presentation Materials

General Session Materials




Presentation Title

1 all presentation files in zip
2 Howard Frazier Agenda and General Information
3 Howard Frazier Report to 802.3 WG
4 Piers Dawe Agilent Analysis of proposed unidirectional mode
5 Piers Dawe Agilent Resolution of unidirectional mode issues
6 Scott Simon Cisco Systems Minutes of January, 2004 meeting
7 Scott Simon Cisco Systems Minutes of March, 2004 meeting
8 Comments received on IEEE Draft P802.3ah/D3.1
9 Letter from ITU-T Q14/4
10 Response to ITU-T Q14/4
11 Letter from ITU-T Q4/15
12 Response to ITU-T Q4/15
13 Letter from T1E1 (1 of 2)
14 Letter from T1E1 (2 of 2)
15 Response to T1E1
16 Wael William Diab Cisco Systems Editor In Chief's Report
    oam files
      copper files
      p2mp files
      optics files (none)

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