IEEE 802.3 Ethernet in the First Mile Study Group - May, 2001 Presentation Materials
# Name Company/Organization Presentation Title File email
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MEETING MINUTES minutes_05_2001.pdf
1 Howard Frazier Dominet Systems Agenda and General Information agenda_1_0501.pdf
2     T1E1.4 Liaison Letter t1e1_4_liaison.pdf
3 Howard Frazier Dominet Systems PAR and 5 Criteria par_1_0301.pdf
4 Howard Frazier Dominet Systems EFM SG Objectives objectives.pdf
Presentations Related to OAM&P
5 Jim Diestel Salira Call for clarification diestel_1_0501.pdf
6 Roy Bynum Worldcom Common Infrastructure Requirements… bynum_1_0501.pdf
7 Osamu Ishida NTT First Mile OAM&P Objective ishida_1_0501.pdf
8 Hiroshi Suzuki Cisco Systems Why OAM for Ethernet suzuki_1_0501.pdf
9 Robert Muir Intel OAM&P EFM muir_1_0501.pdf
Presentations Related to EPON
10 Gerry Pesavento Alloptic EPON PAR and the 5 Criteria pesavento_1_0501.pdf
11 Bruce Tolley Cisco Systems An Ethernet PON Using Existing 802.3 MAC tolley_1_0501.pdf
12 Brian Unitt Nortel Networks Technical Feasibility of Gigabit Ethernet PONs unitt_1_0501.pdf
13 Onn Haran Passave Networks Ethernet PON: Security Considerations haran_1_0501.pdf
14 Lior Khermosh Passave Networks EPON Timing Considerations khermosh_1_0501.pdf
15 Ariel Maislos Passave Networks Voice Services over PON maislos_1_0501.pdf ariel. maislos@ passave. com
16 Jonathan Thatcher World Wide Packets Optical Point to Multi-point - Objectives thatcher_1_0501.pdf
Presentations Related to P2P Fiber
17 Wael Diab Cisco Systems 1000BASE-X Extended Temperature Optics diab_1_0501.pdf
18 Pat Kelly Intel Point to Point Fiber - Five Criteria kelly_1_0501.pdf
19 Jim Tatum Honeywell VCSEL Friendly 1550nm Specifications tatum_1_0501.pdf
Presentations Related to Copper
20 Nersi Nazari Marvell Semiconductor 100 Mb/s Ethernet over UTP Cat-5 @ 800m nazari_1_0501.pdf
21 Patrick Stanley Elastic Networks Carrier Grade Ethernet stanley_1_0501.pdf
22 Brian Murray Massana 100 Mb/s EFM over Copper murray_1_0501.pdf
23 Kobi Mizrahi Infineon Technologies EFM Copper mizrahi_1_0501.pdf
24 Craig Easley Extreme Networks Ethernet over First Mile Copper easley_1_0501.pdf
Presentations of General Interest
25 Martin Adams 3Com Economic Feasibility of several EFM Options adams_1_0501.pdf
Action Items
26 Hiroshi Suzuki Cisco Systems EPON Compatibility with 802.1D Bridging suzuki_2_0501.pdf
27 Larry Golob Agilent EPON Power Budgets golob_1_0501.pdf