IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile Task Force
IEEE 802.3ah Copper - November, 2002 Workplan
# Name Company/Org Presentation Title File email
Status report for the Copper Track
1 Hugh Barrass Cisco Copper Status barrass_copper_1_1102.pdf
2 Hugh Barrass Cisco Comment order spreadsheet copper_comments.xls
3 Behrooz Rezvani Ikanos Comments and responses D11_comments_responses_all.pdf
Comments on Clause 61 (except TC) and 61A - Tuesday morning
4 Behrooz Rezvani Ikanos Clause 6, 61A1 read through
5 Behrooz Rezvani Ikanos Clause 61 comments: TR, T, E
6 Arthur Marris Tality Proposed edits - MAC-PHY mac_phy_rate_matching_sm3.pdf
7 Matt Squire Hatteras Proposed edits - PAF 61d1_1-mbs.pdf
8 Behrooz Rezvani Ikanos Annex 61A comments: TR, T, E
Comments on Clause 62 and 62A - Tuesday afternoon
9 Behrooz Rezvani Ikanos Clause 62 read through
10 Behrooz Rezvani Ikanos Clause 62 comments TR, T, E
11 Behrooz Rezvani Ikanos Annex 62A comments TR, T, E
Extra session for encapsulation - Tuesday evening
12 Vladimir Oksman Broadcom Requirements for Encapsulation oksman_copper_1_1102.pdf
13 Vladimir Oksman Broadcom HDLC and GFP encapsulation oksman_copper_2_1102.pdf
14 Barry O'Mahony Intel Encapsulation Baseline Proposal omahony_copper_1_1102.pdf
15 Hugh Barrass Cisco Adoption of encapsulation baseline
Joint session with OAM track - Wednesday morning
16 Kevin Daines Worldwide Packets Clause 55 (copper), read through & comments
17 Scott Simon Cisco Clause 45, read through & comments
18 Don Pannell Marvell Clause 22 access to Clause 45 pannell_oam_1_1102.pdf
Comments on Clause 63 - Wednesday afternoon
19 Behrooz Rezvani Ikanos Clause 63 read through
20 Behrooz Rezvani Ikanos Clause 63 comments TR, T, E
21 Jonas Gustafsson Ericsson Spectrum management for 2PASS-TL/2BASE-TL gustafsson_copper_1_1102.pdf
22 Marc Kimpe Adtran SHDSL Performance kimpe_copper_1_1102.pdf
23 Doug Artman T.I. ADSL Annex J PSD masks artman_copper_1_1102.pdf
24 Matt Squire Hatteras SHDSL Baseline Proposal squire_copper_1_1102.pdf