IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile Task Force
IEEE 802.3ah OAM - November, 2002 Presentation Materials
# Name Company/Org Presentation Title File Email
1 Matt Squire Hatteras Networks OAM Work Plan and Recap squire_oam_1_1102.pdf
Presentations Related to Event Handling
2 Kumaran Veerayah ICR OAM Event Procedure veerayah_oam_1_1102.pdf
Presentations Related to Clause 22 and Clause 45 Registers
3 Don Pannell Marvell Clause 22 Access to Clause 45 pannell_oam_1_1102.pdf
Presentations Related to OAM Control
4 Ben Brown AMCC OAM Control brown_oam_1_1102.pdf
Presentations created during the week's editing process
5 Ben Brown AMCC OAM Client brown_oam_2_02.pdf
6 Matt Squire Hatteras Networks OAM Event Procedures squire_oam_2_1102.pdf
7 David Martin Nortel Networks Event Frame Format martin_oam_1_1102.pdf
8 Brian Arnold Cisco Event Definitions arnold_oam_1_1102.pdf
9 OAM STF all Reply to Q12.15 Liaison Q1215Reply.doc