IEEE 802.3ah
Ethernet in the First Mile
Task Force

November 2002, Kauai

Presentations related to Optical PMD



Company/ Organization


1 Vipul Bhatt Chair, Optical PMD STF Optical PMD Sub Task Force Report
2 Thomas Murphy Infineon Technologies Coordination of PON Timing Issues
3 Frank Effenberger Quantum Bridge P2MP Optics Alignment
4 Ariel Maislos Passave PON PMD Negotiation Tutorial
5 Akihiro Otaka NTT ANSL, TTC WG21 Officer Overview of TS-1000, TTC Specifications for FTTH
6 Makoto Kadowaki NEC Networks, TTC SWG21 Leader TS-1000 implementation and the harmonization with EFM
7 Eric Lynskey UNH IOL CDR Lock Time Study
8 Meir Bartur Zonu MPN Effects at High BER - Test Results
9 Steve Swanson Corning Adopted values of channel characteristics for various EFM optical links

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