IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile Task Force
IEEE 802.3ah OAM - September, 2002 Presentation Materials
# Name Company/Org Presentation Title File email
1 Matt Squire Hatteras Networks OAM Work Plan squire_oam_1_0902.pdf
Presentations Related Negotiation and Initialization
2 Seyoun Lim Samsung OAM Capability Discovery seyoun_oam_1_0902.pdf
Presentations Related to BER Calculations
3 Ben Brown AMCC Periodic Reporting of BER brown_oam_1_0902.pdf
Presentations Related to Pause
4 Jaeyeon Song Samsung OAM vs Pause song_oam_1_0902.pdf
Presentations created during the week's editing process
5 Ben Brown AMCC NTT (Need To Transmit) SM brown_oam_3_0902.pdf
6 Ben Brown AMCC OAM Loopback brown_oam_4_0902.pdf
7 Matt Squire AMCC Event Indication squire_oam_2_0902.pdf
8 Ben Brown AMCC Coding Violation Counters brown_oam_5_0902.pdf