IEEE 802.3ah
Ethernet in the First Mile
Task Force

September 2002, New Orleans

Presentations related to Optical PMD



Company/ Organization


1 Wael Diab Cisco Systems PMD Naming Convention
2 Wael Diab Cisco Systems 802.3ah Optics Track: Introducing your editorial team
3 Piers Dawe Agilent Technologies Jitter/dispersion transmitter tests for EFM
4 Al Dunlop Lucent Technologies Ultra-fast Burst Mode CDR
5 Piers Dawe Agilent Technologies Proposed spectral limits for 1310 nm Gigabit PMDs in EFM
6 Shawn Rogers Texas Instruments OLT CDR Re-lock Time Report
7 K. Seto Hitachi Cable TTC Liaison Report
8 Vipul Bhatt Chair, Optical PMD STF Letter to TTC regarding 100 Mb/s bidirectional optical links
9 Vipul Bhatt Chair, Optical PMD STF Comparison of 100 Mb/s EFM and TTC specifications

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