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[HSSG] Regarding presentation "Implementation Considerations" by Roger Merel

Dear all, 
If I recall it correctly, Roger expressed his concerns for the wavelength selection plan on slide number 8 of his presentation and pointed out that most likely the VCSEL arrays with 10 or more integrated sources can be technologically challenging. I would only like to point out that perhaps we should investigate his proposal to use integrated VCSEL arrays operating at 10+ Gbit/s -> here is why: The arrays seems to be still at rather experimental stage though this is not the first piece of evidence that such devices can be achieved and may be a much cheaper solution than standard WDM systems ... 
Looking forward to receiving any feedback ...
Best wishes

Marek Hajduczenia
Rua Irmãos Siemens, 1
Ed. 1, Piso 1
2720-093 Amadora
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From: Andy Moorwood [mailto:amoorwood@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: segunda-feira, 25 de Setembro de 2006 18:36
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Subject: [HSSG] Reach Ad Hoc, call for participation and conference call announce ment

Dear HSSG Members, 
thank you to those who have already replied with their intent to join this
activity, let me echo John's request for participation.  I want to schedule
a conference call for Thursday October 5th at 11 am to 12:30 Pacific with
the following objectives:
1. Identify what media and reach information is already available to the
group for the nominated applications: "HPCC, Data Center, Metro, others"
2. Identify what media reach questions are of particular interest to the
group.  For example, the 10 gigabit LR specification has a link budget
capable of supporting a reach of 10km in many installations. Are end users
actually using this budget? considerably less ? or they could use more ?
3. Define a schedule for future conference calls 
To facilitate data sharing/viewing  at the meeting we need to use some kind
of collaborative environment in addition to voice conferencing.  Extreme
uses "Conference Place" by Intercall and I will host this kick off meeting
(If other members care to donate resources for future meetings this would be
appreciated).  Live data sharing does however impose some restrictions in
that a member needs to be invited to the meeting place.  
Consequently I need a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to the meeting if a
member intends to participate.
If  a member wants to present at the meeting I need a minimum of 48 hours
notice  and the slides (PDF or PPT) format
Any requests not meeting these timelines will be supported on a best efforts
basis.  If it is possible to support audio only participation on a "drop in
basis" I will forward this to the reflector just prior to the meeting.
Thanks for your support !