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Re: [HSSG] 40G MAC Rate Discussion

--On 04 April 2007 08:51 +0200 Mikael Abrahamsson <swmike@SWM.PP.SE> wrote:

> I represent a customer view here.


Likewise. I'm another network operator and data centre user.

> My coworkers who run servers seem to have no problem with link
> aggregation and they have a history with four port FE cards and they're
> now doing LAG with gig ports when they need it. The only 10GE attached
> servers we have exist in the network lab for cheap packet generation.


Defining an additional 40G MAC data-rate is just a distraction. I don't
think it's sufficiently distinctive to stand on it's own.

This sort of requirement is adequately served by 10G LAG.

If it's for attaching servers, it's going to be in the data centre, so
fibre runs are relatively short and cheap. Multiple parallel interfaces
won't be a problem, trust me.

It's sweating the existing technology, so the 4x10G server cards would be
cheaper, right? It's increasing 10G component run-rate, which should
ultimately make the silicon/optics manufacturers happy, right?

Mike Hughes     Chief Technical Officer  London Internet Exchange