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Re: [HSSG] <HSSG-FOAH> Meeting

During today's Fiber Optic Ad Hoc call we discussed updating the SMF
alternatives table. We simplified the table entries to three key
qualifiers that are required to enable technical feasibility. The
updated table is enclosed. Any comments on the proper assignment of the
qualifiers will be appreciated.

We would also like to get input on the alternatives that are currently
under active investigation (green shading in the table) by HSSG

During the FOAC call, the 20G/25G - 1310nm alternatives, and 10G -
1550nm alternatives were confirmed as under active investigation. 

We would like to find out if the 20G/25G - 1550nm, the 50G - 1310nm and
100G - 1310nm alternatives (shaded green) continue to be under active

We would also like to find out if any of the white areas are under
active investigation.

Please send an email indicating if you are investigating any of the
areas not confirmed during today's FOAC call.

The purpose is to accurately reflect which investigations are taking
place so that we can get an idea of what presentations we can expect to
see during upcoming HSSG meetings. At this point we are not making any
selection between the alternatives.

Thank you