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Re: [HSSG] 40G MAC Rate Discussion

Mikael & All:

" I'd have to agree here. Only reason to do 40GE would be if someone 
said they could have it shipping at latest during 2008, and we estimate 
100GE is not going to be until 2010. 40G would have made sense NOW, and 
not 2009-2010."

   I think you above comment hits the nail right on the head! From the 
beginning I have had
real doubts about the Technical Feasibility issue. Now by this statement 
I don't mean that
it will be impossible to build 100G interfaces! I mean that a Technical 
Feasibility issue will likely
become evident in the future as significant schedule delays to 2010 or 
later. If the target process
geometry of say 2010-2012 proves to be insufficient in speed this will 
become evident to the user
in the form of high prices per port, and key issue delays in price 
reductions. This will be caused
by the requirement to sort die (meaning cherry pick) based on speed 
binning to achieve the required
number of functional die. The devices which fail speed binning being 
unusable thus contributing to low
functional yield and higher prices. This condition not being alleviated 
until the next generation of process
becomes available.

Thomas Dineen