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Re: [HSSG] 40G MAC Rate Discussion


I'm another IXP network engineer.

2007/4/5, Henk Steenman <>:
> Back to 40GE: scaling link aggregation using 10GE for another 3 years
> will be very hard. The use of 40GE might be of help here if it would
> allow for standardized products to become available say second half
> of 2008.
> QUESTION: Is there a way to expedite the standardization process (and
> subsequent product development) of a 40GE standard? Within or outside
> of the IEEE?
> If the answer to the above is "no" then I would say lets not spend any
> time on anything other than 100GE so no delay is introduced in the
> development of this standard and get it finished as soon as possible.

I need 100GE ASAP.

Toshinori Ishii, @JPNAP